Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vestmann Islands

Today we woke up and boarded a bus that took us through the countryside to our ferry. The ferry ride was relatively calm, and fortunately no one got sick. As the boat approached the island we were treated to a preiew of the grandeur that was to come. Sheer cliffs dotted with small alcoves were in use by huge flocks of seabirds, giving way to a sheltered harbor on the far side of the island.
In the afternoon we visited the maritime museum, discussed local fishing with a number of marine biologists, and played a game of pickup soccer at the local elementary school.
We've also decided to add a 'word of the day' to the blog, so you folks at home can learn a little Icelandic.


Momma said...

Takk fyrir

Momma said...

Waiting for another update. Are you able to post photos too?
Where did you worship on Palm Sunday? Hope all are enjoying this experience.